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We believe families are built on shared dreams and empowered decisions.

aParently - your co-parenting partner., a place for hope and choice

  • Connect with other prospective co-parents.

  • Evaluate a match based on common values, mutual expectations and practicalities around childcare.

  • Get expert advice and guidance on co-parenting and child raising best-practices throughout the journey.

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Find people with the same

value as you

Find people with the
same values as you

At, we understand that the path to parenthood doesn’t look the same for everyone.

Our platform not only connects prospective co-parents but also supports them through every step of their parenting journey—from initial matching to navigating co-parenting dynamics and beyond.

Members can access a wealth of resources including conception guidance, parenting tips from experts, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Whether you’re a single individual, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or simply someone exploring alternative parenting arrangements, provides the tools and community to create a loving and stable family environment for your future children. Welcome to the Family., it's about children

What people think

Sarah, 38, Denmark

"I always knew I wanted to be a mother. Having a child on my own was an option, albeit expensive and painful. I'm happy that I decided to go on this journey with a friend."

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