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1. What is is a platform dedicated to platonic co-parenting, providing a space for individuals to connect, match, and create the ideal co-parenting arrangement. It offers expert advice, guidance on child-raising best practices, and tools for trust and communication.

2. How does work?

Users can explore and view profiles for free, with the option to engage in matchmaking, messaging, and accessing community support for a subscription fee. The platform guides users from self-reflection and matching to agreeing to parent, and onwards through the co-parenting journey.

3. What makes unique compared to other dating or matchmaking services?

Unlike traditional dating platforms, focuses on connecting individuals based on mutual expectations, common values, and practicalities around childcare, emphasizing platonic relationships aimed at co-parenting.

4. Is suitable for single individuals only, or can it be used by couples as well? caters to a wide range of individuals, including singles and couples, who are interested in finding a platonic co-parenting partner to raise a child with.

5. What kind of support and resources does offer to prospective co-parents?

The platform offers a variety of tools and resources, including the Co-Parenting Canvas, Coparenting Traffic Lights, and Parental Agreement templates. It also provides advice, referrals, and community support to navigate the co-parenting arrangement.

About Platonic Co-Parenting

1. What is platonic co-parenting, and how is it different from traditional parenting?

Platonic co-parenting involves individuals coming together to parent a child without romantic involvement. It differs from traditional parenting as it doesn't rely on a romantic relationship for family building, focusing instead on shared parenting responsibilities and mutual respect.

2. What are some benefits of choosing a platonic co-parenting arrangement?

Benefits include sharing parenting responsibilities, financial burdens, and offering children a stable and loving environment from multiple caregivers. It also allows individuals who might face challenges in finding a romantic partner to fulfill their desire to parent.

3. What challenges might arise in platonic co-parenting situations, and how does help address these?

Challenges can include aligning on parenting styles, managing conflicts, and legal considerations. helps by providing tools for communication, agreements, and expert advice to navigate these challenges effectively.

4. How does ensure compatibility between potential co-parenting partners?

The platform uses detailed profiles, matchmaking algorithms, and preferences related to parenting styles, values, and expectations to ensure compatibility between potential co-parents.

5. Can assist with legal aspects of co-parenting agreements?

While provides templates and resources like the Parental Agreement, users are encouraged to seek independent legal advice to ensure that their co-parenting agreements are in line with local laws and fully protect their rights and responsibilities.

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